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NHS Welsh Medical Negligence Risk Pool Increased by £15.2 Million

Welsh authorities have added £15.2 million to the medical negligence risk pool in the past week and analysts see this as their expectation for more medical negligence cases to happen this year. However, health boards and medical groups iterate that it is not only because of the continuous drop in the quality of medical services, but also because of many legal representatives raising their legal fees.


Nevertheless, legal representatives point to another factor in the rising amount of the medical negligence risk pool; they mention that the advances in medical technology and victims having a longer life expectancy also raised the prices of medical negligence claims. Legal representatives say that a cerebral palsy case only received £4 million upon a successful claim. Today, the amount has reached £10 as medical boards have an obligation to carry out operations and treatments for the betterment of patients, which makes the payout more expensive.

The rising numbers of no win no fee claims companies are also a significant factor, according to health groups and analysts. While Chief Executive of the Law Society of England and Wales Desmond Huston says that no win no fee compensation claims are the victims’ last line of moral defence against medical groups and hospitals, experts say that it is undeniable that it is also adding to the bulk of medical negligence claim expenses. This includes considering the legal fees of the claims expert is 25% of the victim’s compensation amount.

Medical negligence claiming is a legal right proposed by no win no fee claims management companies, but it does not mean that they are abusing it. Andy Wigmore, policy director of the Claims Standards Council, says that claims companies make money if they find that at least one of the medical negligence claim they pass is completely legitimate. After evaluation, they cannot find out for sure if a clinical negligence claim is completely legitimate unless the experts pass it to the authorities.

Good Tips for Online Business Transactions

Online jobs and work-from-home opportunities are here to stay in this age of technology and information as it is hassle-free and safe for many people. However, conducting business online is bereft of actual social contact. Developing trust and assurance in the Internet can be difficult. With these tips, you can conduct good business with your clients online without the unusual rift seen in many failed business attempts.

1. Develop Your Brand

Brand development is not just for companies, they are also for any Internet user who can offer services that can be published and benefited from online. When you start work with a company or your company starts work with a client, maintain constant connection and update them on a regular basis at their behest. Whatever you promise to deliver for that day or during the deadline, deliver, and they may deliver what they promised you quickly as well.

2. Do a Bit of Background Research

One thing very reliable about the Internet is that it maintains transparency through many organizations, businesses and individuals. Online portfolios are available for any company, digital artist or writer. A bit of background research helps, just make sure your client or the company will not be offended with the information you know about them.

3. Transact Through Secure Connections

Payment issues are often the biggest trouble for those working online with clients or companies. Some get paid low or none at all because the client or company did not fulfill their obligations. To ensure you get paid, work with companies and clients registered on a proper business platform secured with proper credentials and portfolios. Working at for example is a good way to ensure you get paid promptly.