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Mobile Marketing Tips for Your Business

In 2011, statistics from different surveying organizations showed that there are over 5 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, which makes about 70% of the world’s population. If you want to keep ahead with your business, don’t only concentrate on Internet marketing. Mobile marketing is the new arena for business and if you make it here, you make it best. Here are a few tips you need to know

1. Less is More
Manufacturers of mobile Internet devices such as smart phones intended to portray that less is more. If you’re marketing through a small or palm-sized screen, you could be sure your viewer’s attention span is lower. Studies show that within 8 minutes, an advertisement must invite users to read content through persuasive language, provide related information about the product, should adjust to all screen sizes and overcome barriers in advertising.

2. Special Offers
Your potential viewer is willing to get something free if they can help your company attain more growth and sometimes through mobile and Internet marketing, customers who get something from sharing, liking or “re-tweeting” advertisements in the mobile can increase your advertisement efforts. Be sure to reward your customers as it is their first intimate “connection” with your brand because of your special offers.

3. Treat Customers as Special
Give your customers an easy time navigating your website through mobile. You could also reward them for downloading your company-specific application or supplementary information application that could help them know more about your products and services. Also, if you could offer great discounts for people who downloaded the application app, the better your sales practices could be.

Whiplash Compensation Claims: UK’s Insurance Dilemma

The Ministry of Justice and the UK government may possibly implement the proposed whiplash injury claim guidelines this year in response to the rising insurance industry expenses. The Association of British Insurers indicated that the industry loses £2 million yearly due to fraudulent or exaggerated injury compensation claims. The industry losses had cost honest drivers a yearly additional of £118 in car insurance premiums.

The UK government and the Ministry of Justice plan to have whiplash victims submit two medical opinions instead of one. Both medical opinions should show two positive results. They also plan to improve the quality of in-car monitoring in the United Kingdom and set the whiplash injury threshold speed to 10km/h, the same threshold Germany has.

The Ministry of Justice is also scheduled to abolish the win/lose no fee claim and re-instate the no win no fee whiplash claim for all injuries permanently.  The Ministry of Justice aims to reduce the number of fraudulent or exaggerated probably submitted by claims management companies and personal injury lawyers.

Aviva, a UK insurance company, suggested that the losses can be reduced £1.5 billion if victims made their claims directly to the insurers themselves. However, personal injury lawyers argued that direct claiming gives the customer no fair consultation about their legal rights, and only a mediator, such as a claims expert or a personal injury lawyer, can give them the right consultation they need.

However, in both cases, experts say that the re-instatement of the no win no fee claims and the implementation of the new whiplash injury claim guidelines will just make things more difficult for claimants and will reduce their payouts by 25% due to the no win no fee or the lack of legal consultation.

Business: Improving your Game Plan for 2013

Many small businesses rose and some big businesses fell last year but the business world still continues to revolve. A business pursuing more successes will need new resolutions and a fortified 2013 business plan. Here are a few things to always remember.

1. Have a Plan
It is easy to understand if a business gets focused on short-term goals given the great competition in their respective industries today but a business must not lose focus on making a written business plan. By making a growth plan, the business focuses on improving the aspects highlighted in the plan for 2013 and beyond. It must also reflect the current goals of the company.

2. Take Action
Businesses understand the value of time management and that nothing is impossible with proper time management. Businesses should take one hour a week to have a progress assessment and align these with their goals.

3. Update Your Business Brand
Your products and services continually sell out, but a business does not realize the business’ potential fully because of the lack of a good business brand. You could give your public image a makeover by making or updating your website, changing the business façade, creating new networks and improving your interaction with your customers.

4. Social Media
Experts see social media as one Internet service that will continue expanding in the future, and a company riding in the waves of one can unlock good marketing potential. Social media helps you interact with your customers and you could increase your activities for your customers.

5. Upgrade Tools
New mobile Internet devices that allow you and key people in your business to assess their business information very fast already exist. Upgrade your tools and equipment where necessary; the small additions and replacements in your company equipment can help bring about a great difference to productivity and profits.