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Troubles You Could Possibly Face Making a PPI Claim Today

Bank call centres are confused by PPI compensation complaints, claiming that they currently have only six years of insurance records, or possibly trying to delay customers are just part of the problems a PPI claimant will face as they make their PPI claim. The Financial Ombudsman Service is currently contending with 11,000 PPI claims on a weekly basis, which may indicate some slowness in the PPI claim process.

PPI or payment protection insurance can repay your loans, mortgages and credit cards when you get sick or unemployed. It can repay for at least a year. However, because of its exceptions and the way bank employees sold the insurance, 3.2 million customers have an insurance policy they do not need or cannot use.

The Financial Ombudsman Service, known to uphold many bank-rejected claims, is now receiving 11,000 claims on weekly basis. Recently, it increased its manpower with 1,000 more employees. Financial Ombudsman Chief Natalie Ceeney says that customers have nothing to worry about as the workflow will still be smooth.

The Claims Standards Council Policy Director Andy Wigmore also said that banks are known to hassle and delay customer repayments. The banks can even reduce them by saying that the bank only has six years financial records for a customer’s medical insurance policy. This effectively reduces any claimant’s refund to at least £4000, the standard for PPI claims. Wigmore says that there is substantial evidence to prove the banks’ wrongdoing.

Customers may also face a maelstrom should the Financial Services Authority consider and push through with the British Banking Association and Confederation of British Industry PPI claim deadline proposal set for April 2014.

Great Ideas for Target Marketing

Businesses might have the Internet working to help them improve their business presence but it is a gigantic world of information. For starting businesses, professional marketers advise that proprietors first stick to their own “neighbourhoods” to gain local community customers in the form of target marketing. If you’re not too familiar with target marketing, here are some basics that could help you.

1. Behaviour Across Different Areas
Businesses have different kinds of clients and all these clients and customers act differently depending on different variables that can affect the outcome. Most of these variables and client responses are measurable, which will help you in your target marketing efforts.

2. Data Analysis
Getting data from your measureable quantities, you could identify patterns and segments of consumer behaviour, which can help transform these information into profitable business actions. It will be your job to analyse how to trigger changes in loyal customer spendings.

3. Strategies
You will get far in target marketing if you accept the fact that the first hypothesis you had is probably not always the best option. You could always look in different terms and links. For example, if your business wants to provide a new customer freebie, test it first with all the options you have and then you may find the right combination of a marketing strategy.

4. Customer’s Actions and Responses
Most business marketers advise that customer comments are very necessary to know their profile, but marketers must also observe customer actions and responses to your new products, services or promotional materials. Complaints and comments do not always reflect your strategy was good. Remember, happy customers do not always say anything.