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PPI Claims: Why You Should Not Pity Banks Mis Selling PPI

PPI mis selling, first discovered in 2009 by the Financial Service Authority (now the Financial Conduct Authority) exposed the many ways banks and financial companies do not treat their customers right. Amassing probably more than £24 billion from consumers who could not make use of the insurance, consumers do not need to pity the banks that hire outsourcing and struggling to earmark amounts for future compensation.

Your bank, creditor or personal loan provider could have stolen £3000 or even more as you repaid your insurance policy. They may have told you that it is part of the loan’s provisions, it is a free product for high-credit consumers, a need for low-credit consumers or something that increases your chance of loan application success.

All these are not true. As similar as car dealerships raising the price rather than the interest rate due to your low credit, PPI will not increase your chances to obtain financing in any bank. If you are ineligible you could make a claim.

UK banks and financial companies did not play fair to their consumers and there is no reason that consumers should pity them for the hassles and fines they are receiving now. Remember, the government dispenses justice in the name of the good of the public, and keeping it that way will ensure that future financial services will be better from these institutions.

Ensuring High Quality Content in Your Websites

A key to good Internet branding is to ensure that your websites have high quality content. Content means your articles, write-ups, copies, videos and pictures you use in your website. Here are a few ways to ensure their quality.

1. Up-to-date
Your information regarding metals and alloys for your industrial business might be obsolete. In this case, it is greatly important you update the information on your content, whether it be an article, an infographic or a video. Visitors find up-to-date information on your website useful and they will likely increase your social media presence by sharing the information.

2. Not Intended for SE Bots
Search engine robots are responsible for indexing your content. While it helps to put the most specific alternative text for your image and videos, it is not wise to write an article for search engine bots. Text is helpful in indexing non-text media. For articles, it would be wise to keep your keyword density to 3-5% of your entire write-up.

3. Check Competition Standards
You could check the standards of website and content management your competition or other company websites have. If you could go on par with their work, this means that your website’s content is of high quality.

4. Specifics
Visitors already know that the information from a webpage or article is trustworthy when they read or hear specifics about the topic. The more specific information is linked in specific words or phrases in an article or content, the more they know the website owners are knowledgeable about the subject.