Monthly Archives: October 2013

Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks

Social media makes up more than half of most Internet marketing efforts, so the better you know about using the facilities it has, the better. Here are a few things that could boost your current campaign online.

1. Link to Your Blog
Shorter updates that are meaningful make a bigger impact than longer updates that detail certain updates. If you really need a longer update on your social media, just write an introductory note as an update, then link to your web blog detailing the topic you introduced.

2. Post a Link to Hi-Res Images
Followers and potential customers could be very particular with the quality of photographs of your products and services and social media usually compresses the images you upload further, lowering your images’ quality. Post a link to high-resolution images to your blog once again.

3. Update Frequency
Never post an update more than once every four to six hours. Most social media users do not like to see two or more updates from their subscriptions in the same hour. Instead, try to time your updates accordingly based on your target audience. For example, if you are targeting senior professionals, updating your pages during lunch break or after work are better ways to update them on your new products and services.