Monthly Archives: November 2013

Building Brand Signals for Your Business

Brand signals are a great search ranking factor in search engine optimization. Search engines do stronger favour on recognizable brands both from local and international companies. Building your brand signals require you to do the following.

1. Social Media and Internet
Businesses that have a social media account in both casual and business-oriented social media networks have a better favour with search engines. People who say they work in the company could link to the social media profile of the business, promoting it further to search engines as a legitimate company. A verified account in some social media accounts also helps boost one’s brand signals.

2. Offline and Online Marketing
A great boost to search engine marketing strategies is to advertise in other mediums such as the television, radio or even print ads. With heavy association to offline advertisements, brand signals develop further, having search engines favour your company

3. Content
Content is very important. To have a good brand signal, you’ll need to have high quality content in your pages. Make use of content assets, which make use of landing/ source pages, ebooks, and videos to make your material accessible and easily shareable to social media networks.

4. Larger Publications
If the authors of your blog or company website is endorsed as formerly someone with a high authority from a giant company, he could be considered an online consultant by Internet audiences, contributing to driving traffic higher and generating better brand impressions.