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Internet Marketing Trends for 2014

A new year means a new set of challenges for the Internet marketer. New frontiers and updates from search engines could definitely take its toll on the changes many companies have made in 2013. Here is a list of some of the trends experts foresee for 2014.

1. Content Marketing
High quality content is still an important requirement for most search engines and websites with better content always fared better than other companies. Consumers trust companies with higher content and develop good rapport. According to experts, e-newsletters, social media, business articles on official company blogs and videos will still contribute highly in 2014.

2. Social Media
Diversity in social media will become one of the biggest challenge for 2014. Business have to deal with new audiences in other social media networks such as Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and other social media plus blogging platforms. Branching out and experimenting with multiple networks is crucial to ensure the competitiveness of a business’ social media campaign.

3. Infographics
More users understand the information better through the use of images and infographics as part of a website’s content makes it easier for any visitor to understand the point of certain posts a business could make. In conventional article writing, breaking up long posts with photographs and images can greatly help in campaigns.