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The Hardest Part of Being the Victim in a No Win No Fee Claim

Victims will always receive their compensation from anyone who does them harm or from any party responsible for their injuries. However, it is the victim’s task to provide all the evidences. But the hardest part of being the victim, in my opinion, is proving that you’re right.

During my car accident, I had broken a few bones in my shoulder and knees. My assailant drove off the road, making the entire case a hit and run. After filing my police report, authorities running the surveillance cameras in the road helped identified my assailant, a woman driver.

However, I had lacking evidence. All I have is that the police had noted my accident and that my insurance company had been informed. I’ve been given proper medical treatments costing my insurance company bills around £30,000 because of compound fractures.

A no win no fee personal injury lawyer told me that I should claim damages for loss of consortium and pain and suffering. We contacted the woman driver and informed her of her responsibility. She was quite arrogant at first, but then gave in because the police got involved due to the hit-and-run nature of my accident.

The evidence we had, which was quite difficult to prove, was the pain and suffering and emotional depression I had. I did feel depressed because I cannot work for a few months and the pain and suffering was evident in the doctor’s medical report. However, it is still hard to convince authorities, especially police, about qualitative detail.

I received around £20,000 more in compensation for damages she did to me and my vehicle. It was a very successful claim