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How Social Network Updates Affect Your Blog

Logically, a good internet marketing strategy is having a blog post link placed as an update of your official company or business social network profile. Subscribers who see can read the update and re-share it if they find the information interesting. Social networks affect blogs more than just the brand development achieved in the above example, but also in search engine marketing campaigns.

Search engines make use of keywords and phrases in articles to index certain articles. However, they rely heavily on link and link quality when it comes to pointing at certain results as relevant to the search engine results. They also rely on the information coming from social network pages.

A business profile sharing information from their blog in a business-oriented social network will gain more merit from search engines because employees who register themselves in the business social media profile as working in the said company will have the website their credentials. These credentials help the search engines verify the existence of the business and its integrity, which helps in raising them up the search engine results.

A business social network ranks higher than casual or consumer-oriented social media profiles because they display accurate information rather than entertaining consumers by trying to catch their attention with one liners and other personalized taglines.

The Advantages of Having a Blog Personality

Brand is associated with personality because it shows an organization, company or business’ target market subconsciously to readers, consumers and investors. The very straightforward approach of supermarkets and malls in advertising their services and new establishments make them providers with lacking charisma. For automakers, they will want to endorse their brand as being concerned with their consumer’s family and minimizing the dangers of driving vehicles with their new features.

A blog with a personality is showing readers that you are a credible source of reviews, opinions and news about a topic of your choice. A blog is a form of free service because you share your views, and should other people find it correct, they can agree or share your point of view. With more people sharing your views and opinion, your traffic increases, and so will companies and businesses related to your topic wanting to advertise on your website.

Posts with personality are more appealing to readers because it makes them feel like listening to a friend or a professional lecturer instead of just reading an assumed generic website post about certain topics. A personality will also reflect in the way they use words and their meanings, organize their sentences and dissect the information they have.

To create a blog with personality, you need to develop the author’s integrity and expertise on the subject to your readers. You might be a professional doctor, but if you do not show any credentials, have any testimonies, or if readers in the same field as you debunk your posts consistently, then you need to improve your author integrity.