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Asking for Suggestions Instead of Posting Updates

Every person in the world has an opinion, and people connect with each other if they listen to each other’s opinion. In the business world, appeasing your customers means more than delivering a good product or service; it also means to listen and deliver upon the suggestions of your consumers.

Casual social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, are good platforms to collect information from your audience. Ask about their feelings and reactions regarding a newly-released product or service your company has. You will get lots of comments and suggestions from people, and these are extremely useful information that you just received free.

Instead of asking people to buy your products and service, ask them for suggestions. You can post updates about the new designs or platforms your business provides, then you could do a follow-up post asking for comments. It is not rude to ask for comments; people will gladly share them with you as it takes a load off their chests.

In a way, audiences vent out their happiness or disappointment in a product by commenting their suggestions or ideas to improve certain products or services. This relief makes their commentary memorable, which also adds to your internet campaign. Always remember that everyone has an opinion, and the sooner you act on it, the faster your profit returns can be.