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Using Distraction as a Tool For Business Advertising

Any person who owns a television set and a personal computer connected to the internet will understand that advertising has saturated all forms of media. Advertisers have placed them cleverly in places most people can see them, but not everyone can notice them. Businesses could use distraction to tighten the advertising competition to their advantage.

1. Dealing With Short Attention Spans
It is inevitable that majority of your viewers will have short attention spans, and advertisements are partly to blame. With overwhelming information dealt with every day, people will only deal with the ones they need the most, and that is, if the information gets through the media-scanning phase. This is where distraction plays its part.

2. Unnatural
A distracting advertising is one that is quite unnatural and an unusual advertisement for viewers. They have seen cars driven off road to show off their appearance and capabilities. They have already seen cooking shows show off different hardware. Introducing an innovative and distracting concept will grab their attention instantly.

3. Memorable
Once you make a “bang” from your advertisement, it is important to make it memorable. Volkswagen’s recent public service announcement regarding car safety and smartphone use is one clever way to make people remember their brand, as it tackles safety, and the uniqueness of the advertisement approach.