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Elle Macpherson Releases Super Elixir for $100 a Bottle

It seems that superfood powders and capsules are currently all the rage, with many celebrities releasing their own brand to the general public.

Take Elle Macpherson for example. She has just released a superfood powder called “Super Elixir,” which retails for around $100 a bottle and is only available in upmarket shops in cities such as London, Milan, and Paris.

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But do you really need to spend such a high amount on these kind of powders, capsules, and supplements, or are there cheaper alternatives out there that do just as good, or even a better job than the products that every celebrity and their dog seem to be pushing these days.

For example, what about the supplement phytoceramides which has taken off in a big way all over working class America during the last few years…are these supplements as good as the superfood powders currently being sold by Elle Macpherson.

Firstly, it’s important that you understand exactly what phytoceramides do, as there has been some confusion about that in the media recently.

Unlike some newspapers have been reporting, phytoceramides is NOT a miracle pill and will NOT make you look 20 years younger overnight. The simple fact of the matter is that these kind of results are impossible and just too good to be true.

Instead, phytoceramides are the more sensible approach for reversing the signs of aging and getting rid of those wrinkles that destroy your confidence.

Many studies have clearly shown how just 1 phytoceramide capsule a day can significantly reduce the fine lines, wrinkles and creases on the face within 7 to 14 days, and when taken on a long term basis the results just keep on improving.

Best of all, because phytoceramides are produced from 100% natural ingredients there are no side effects for taking them over a long period. Therefore, you can move forward confidently and buy yourself a trial bottle from Amazon or ebay right away.

There is even more news about phytoceramides, as it was recently announced that the supermarket giant Walmart is considering stocking the product, which means consumers will be able to get direct access to phytoceramides without having to order online.

This would certainly be a major move forward, and would ensure that it became a mainstream product that sold millions of units a year.

In regards to Elle Macpherson and her Super Elixir product? It will surely sell a few thousand units, but the shelf life and marketability is no doubt extremely limited.

Creativity and Innovation Start When You Accept the Situation

Famous entrepreneurs have one thing in common; they were passionate. Their innovation began with the intent to solve a problem that no business, endeavour or devotion could resolve.

Entrepreneurs usually think of different approaches to solve problems. They stick with their imagination instead of being limited with the figures that say it is impossible to achieve. They stick with the current situation to achieve this, often met with failures, but they never give up.

Most entrepreneurs believe failure as part of the process because of the added information and knowledge they can use for later problem-solving designs. They know nothing is wrong with themselves, but only the approach they used to solve the problem.

This is what helps them connect unusual options and use them to create a solution. It may not sound feasible on paper, but once implemented, risk considered, entrepreneurs make the show run.

They are willing to take the risk because they have accepted the situation; that moving forward and doing something is the key instead of sitting back and letting the numbers dictate what needs to be done. Once they have taken such a leap of faith, they end up bargaining more than what they paid for.

This is why some entrepreneurs consider themselves lucky. An idea can be innovative, but it may never catch on. But still, the true reward in every entrepreneurial situation is to accept the fact that things, your creativity and your innovation might fail, but your venture is worth all the time and money you invested.