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Three Ways To Effectively Increase Post Readability

Content is as important as ever in internet marketing, but readers get discouraged when they see a large wall of text in front of them. Nobody could blame them for this though; it is uninteresting to see a huge swathe of words thrown in your way. Improving user readability for posts depends on how you use the following elements to your advantage.


1. Headers and Sub-Headers

The header for your post would probably be your post title. This is considered H1 in the tier of HTML Header Tags. The next few should be at the H2 level. If there are sub-ideas in your sub-headings, then they can be H3, and so on. This helps readers who only want to skim through the page see the main points of your topic. They will continue to read on if they could see the sense from the organisation of headers and sub-headers.

2. Outbound Links

Post reliability is as important for SEO as it is for readers. Outbound links tell search engines the content niche of your website or post. This allows it to classify the page faster. Outbound links also increase the information’s reliability for users, helping your site’s conversion rate.

3. Images and Infographics

To avoid presenting a large wall of text, a picture could tell the story behind the post. It could portray the image of the problem or the possible solution. It could also show the image of the post’s context. Putting images from one paragraph to another makes a post easier to read as readers take a  breather from the words and facts.