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Mastering The Art Of Body Language In Five Steps

To be a formidable leader, it is essential you don’t just mind your language, but also your body language. Your physical appearance and your unconscious reaction all contribute to how people perceive your personality to be. They might say that you cannot judge a book by its cover but it is an inevitable reality.

Get people to like you by following the five steps below

  • Alert Eyes

People would likely listen to and converse with individuals who have alert and intimately-listening eyes. If you appear pre-occupied with something or you are just plainly disinterested, then you will lose your authority. Make sure your eyes have solid contact, nod in agreement. Never let the person you’re conversing with see that you have a disinterest in the topic.

  • Arms

Always position your arms behind you. Keep them distant. Never cross them in front of your body as this is a sign of opposition. Always keep your arms relaxed on your side and open. If you can, lace your fingers in front of you

  • Standing

Always stand tall and never curve your shoulders. A good practice would be to place your arms on the side and your toes should be pointing at the person you’re conversing with. This conveys confidence. Strive for an A-shape posture.

  • Mirror

When talking to people, always mimic their posture. Sit at the same height. This builds rapport and subconscious comfort with the person you’re talking to.

  • Smile

This is a sure sign that you’re comfortable with the topic and you’re not disinterested. You also exude the feeling that you love talking to the person you’re conversing with.