Monthly Archives: September 2015

Five Ways To Ask For What You Deserve

It’s difficult to drive business growth but once you’re there, it’s also easy to get lost. The new attention you’re getting, you believe it’s fragile and you need to take care of it. Stop that attitude and earn what you’ve worked for!


As the company boss, you’d ask your clients the fees or rendered yields you deserve. Pummelling you down should only make it worse. As the employee, it’s your job to make sure your boss gets what he deserves because if you were the boss, you know it’s the smart thing to do.


Because you’re accomplished and closing that account was an accomplishment, you deserve to get what you worked hard for.

Work For Your Future

What you’re doing with your art, business or other production activities today, you’ll be doing in the future. Start doing it right and ask for the fees, the compensation or everything else that you really deserve face-front.

Be Confident

As a graphic designer, you’ve studied for more than 10 years to have that ability to draw effectively. Never let anybody play you down, ever.

Think Of Yourself As a Sibling

If it were your sister who got swindled or was ‘too nice’ in trying to get what they deserve, would you forgive the client. You’d insist vehemently against the client that your brother or sister get what they deserve.