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Three Reasons Why Visual Marketing Will Dominate In 2016

It was during 2011 when we first saw infographics take flight as the ‘go-to’ medium for delivering a stimulating message. Indeed, it was one fine tool as it ensured message retention, stimulated interest and made for a simpler manner to deliver a message.

Before infographics came videos, which only continued to improve recently and probably into the future.

Inevitably, in 2016, you’re going to need visual firepower to make your marketing and advertising campaigns successful.


Photographs are just a combination of shapes and colours. However, these shapes and colours convey a simpler message through gestures or using familiar objects arranged in a manner that makes the entire engagement creative but memorable.

Photographs can look simple but make it a point to hire a professional photographer or at least a professional graphic designer or post-processing editor to convey your message more efficiently.

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

A graphic designer or anyone who understands visual art can create images that are creative and memorable involving your products and services. A filmmaker understands these needs enabling them to include your product or service while using their visual format of choice.

Meanwhile, a professional infographics creator can organise information in an easy-to-follow readout that is colourful while memorable as well.

Stimulating Interest

About 90 per cent of our brain takes in visual cues and gestures. The more elegantly designed an infographics is, the better. Visuals, the combination of colours and the design stimulate interest in the product or service offered.

Visuals will always top walls of text or even photos inserted in a text post’s different areas. While these medium wouldn’t be phased out, using these would make competing with a market using visual marketing and advertising extremely difficult