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2016: The Don’ts Of Internet Marketing

In 2014, Internet marketing analysts predicted the significance of mobile Internet access as a shaping mechanism for 2015′s marketing campaigns. Indeed, it did. Google’s ‘mobilegeddon’ had scared all markets to create a mobile version of their website through responsive themes. Automatically, this downplayed all desktop-focused campaigns.

In 2016? Well, here’s a list of three things they advise for better campaigns.

Lax Offline And Digital Campaigns

The importance of traditional campaigns, despite technological advances in marketing, cannot be understated. Integrating your traditional campaigns with a common theme instead of making them work as individual efforts would reap no significant efforts. Experiment on your digital marketing and advertise your traditional marketing efforts. Meanwhile, focus on innovation in traditional marketing.

Significant Inclusion of Desktop Traffic

Desktop traffic is not down the drain. However, focusing on desktop traffic alone is not enough to help your campaigns take off.

According to Cisco’s mobile date traffic, mobile data usage will increase in the next few years. Increasing your mobile marketing presence is a better option than spending all your bucks on desktop traffic.

Underestimating App-based Marketing

Focus on developing an intuitive and powerful application for all platforms. All marketers understand the value of mobile applications. Sooner or later, marketing analysts expect the death of websites with mobile and even desktop apps becoming the new browsers of the 21st century.

Applications have become major propellants of business sales especially for service-oriented businesses.