Three Things To Note About Content Marketing in 2016

Internet content changes every year. All bloggers, companies and social media managers change their practices as Google also changes its own parameters for a better-rated search engine result.

While it does not sound difficult to change a few things, content trends are greatly important as content is the heart of any web log, social media account or even company profile.

Here are three practices that will surely work for this year.

Engaging Content

Engaging is subjective. But eye-catching + engaging makes more sense to capture your audience attention and fluidly get your message across.

In social media, trends go from videos with texts saying what to expect or at least a hint of what to expect (clickbait) in the video itself. Another is the use of 360 video for more engaging atmospheres.

With the rising sales of VR gear and VR equipment for computers, content producers must now develop new strategies based on these technologies to engage consumers.

Content Curation

User-generated content is still plentiful and earning rights to use them have become a breeze. As long as marketers can play fair the strategy can work.

Asking consumers to display their photos along with your product allows you to have more coverage and generate more interest from neutral consumers. The campaigns of Coke with their personalized coke bottles have generated a huge audience online, increasing their sales by 2% at the very least.

Episodic Content

Sure, games have taken advantage of using episodes for their content. But for commercials, episode-type content have been seen to work in so many forms in television.

For the Internet, this mini-series of products create a long-lasting impression of the product in a consumer’s mind where emotion, discovery and memorability plays a huge role.

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