Simple ways to boost employee health

Protecting and promoting the health of your employees might be one of your firm’s major goals. After all, if your staff members are fighting fit and on top form, your business is bound to benefit. You’ll have lower sickness absences rates and your personnel may be more productive. All of this is good news for your bottom line. If you’re looking for ways to boost worker health, take a look as these simple suggestions.

Encourage your employees to exercise

It’s long been known that exercise plays a crucial role in keeping people healthy. Highlighting this fact, research findings released this year by a team from the University of Cambridge suggested that around 676,000 European deaths per year are caused by inactivity. There are a range of things you can do to encourage your staff members to exercise. For example, you can make cycling to work a more attractive prospect. By approaching specialist cycle shelter manufacturers like CAD Shelters, you can ensure that your employees have somewhere suitable to store their bikes while they’re at their desks. Incorporating shower and changing facilities into your premises may also persuade your staff members to ditch the car in favour of a two-wheeled commute.

If you have the necessary space and funding, you might benefit from creating a gym within your workplace too. This is especially beneficial if there are no commercial gyms in your local area.

Offer healthy food and snacks

Everyone needs to refuel at work, but all too often people resort to fatty, sugary meals and snacks. To help steer your staff away from these unhealthy options, make sure they have access to nutritious alternatives. Perhaps it’s time to rethink the contents of your vending machines, and maybe your canteen menu could do with an overhaul.

It’s also worth providing free fruit for your workforce to munch on if they get hungry between meals. This can stem any cravings for less wholesome stomach fillers. It sends out the message that you care about your personnel too, which is great for morale.

Provide a high-quality working environment

These days, people can spend many long hours at their desks. If their workstations aren’t up-to-scratch, this puts them at considerable risk of a range of musculoskeletal disorders, including neck and back pain. With this in mind, it’s vital that you provide your personnel with high-quality chairs and desks.

More generally, your workspace should be the right temperature and your staff members should benefit from suitable levels of light.

Keep stress levels in check

Of course, it’s not only physical health that you have to consider when you’re trying to keep your workers in tiptop condition. Mental health must also be a major area of focus. Excessive levels of work-related stress can take its toll on employees’ wellbeing. Too much anxiety and pressure can make people’s everyday lives miserable. It has even been linked to raised blood pressure and a higher risk of heart disease.

It’s therefore vital that you control stress levels among your workers. Don’t set them unrealistic goals, and always make sure they feel comfortable approaching their managers to discuss any issues of concern.

By following advice like this, you should be able to promote employee health. Ultimately, this is good news for your workers and for your company as a whole.

Are You Risk-Ready? The Three Things You’ll Need For Any Business Surprise

Once the business starts moving, most entrepreneurs would find themselves in a bit of a haven. There are no risks, the consumer traffic is just enough to handle and address, the supply and demand is just enough. At this point, many find themselves not planning so much for the future. However, there are three things you may have missed and you’ll need to address.

  • Business Gaps

It is possible that business owners have cut a niche and filled a gap of their own. However, if they grow complacent, they’ll find some holes in the new niche need to be addressed. Proprietors who miss these gaps could miss creating a new niche and handling their consumer traffic. Remember, novelties wear off in a few years’ time, and a gap allows you to spice up things further and further.

  • Have a Long-Term Plan

You might say that a ten-year business plan is always important. But having a long-term plan is more than just planning for the next ten years. Sure, your ten-year plan had worked, but you haven’t considered the later years. Nobody can say where your business is going in the next ten years, and you’ll be needing a long-term plan to make things work.

  • Discuss and Address Troubles Early On

Some employees report to proprietors that some equipment aren’t functioning at their 100 per cent. Some employees may report that a crass culture is developing in certain departments. These may appear small problems to business owners, but if these aren’t addressed, they can affect your business plan. Be sure to discuss these troubles in person and nip these troubles in the bud before things go out of hand.

Three Ways To Effectively Increase Post Readability

Content is as important as ever in internet marketing, but readers get discouraged when they see a large wall of text in front of them. Nobody could blame them for this though; it is uninteresting to see a huge swathe of words thrown in your way. Improving user readability for posts depends on how you use the following elements to your advantage.


1. Headers and Sub-Headers

The header for your post would probably be your post title. This is considered H1 in the tier of HTML Header Tags. The next few should be at the H2 level. If there are sub-ideas in your sub-headings, then they can be H3, and so on. This helps readers who only want to skim through the page see the main points of your topic. They will continue to read on if they could see the sense from the organisation of headers and sub-headers.

2. Outbound Links

Post reliability is as important for SEO as it is for readers. Outbound links tell search engines the content niche of your website or post. This allows it to classify the page faster. Outbound links also increase the information’s reliability for users, helping your site’s conversion rate.

3. Images and Infographics

To avoid presenting a large wall of text, a picture could tell the story behind the post. It could portray the image of the problem or the possible solution. It could also show the image of the post’s context. Putting images from one paragraph to another makes a post easier to read as readers take a  breather from the words and facts.

Elle Macpherson Releases Super Elixir for $100 a Bottle

It seems that superfood powders and capsules are currently all the rage, with many celebrities releasing their own brand to the general public.

Take Elle Macpherson for example. She has just released a superfood powder called “Super Elixir,” which retails for around $100 a bottle and is only available in upmarket shops in cities such as London, Milan, and Paris.

images images

But do you really need to spend such a high amount on these kind of powders, capsules, and supplements, or are there cheaper alternatives out there that do just as good, or even a better job than the products that every celebrity and their dog seem to be pushing these days.

For example, what about the supplement phytoceramides which has taken off in a big way all over working class America during the last few years…are these supplements as good as the superfood powders currently being sold by Elle Macpherson.

Firstly, it’s important that you understand exactly what phytoceramides do, as there has been some confusion about that in the media recently.

Unlike some newspapers have been reporting, phytoceramides is NOT a miracle pill and will NOT make you look 20 years younger overnight. The simple fact of the matter is that these kind of results are impossible and just too good to be true.

Instead, phytoceramides are the more sensible approach for reversing the signs of aging and getting rid of those wrinkles that destroy your confidence.

Many studies have clearly shown how just 1 phytoceramide capsule a day can significantly reduce the fine lines, wrinkles and creases on the face within 7 to 14 days, and when taken on a long term basis the results just keep on improving.

Best of all, because phytoceramides are produced from 100% natural ingredients there are no side effects for taking them over a long period. Therefore, you can move forward confidently and buy yourself a trial bottle from Amazon or ebay right away.

There is even more news about phytoceramides, as it was recently announced that the supermarket giant Walmart is considering stocking the product, which means consumers will be able to get direct access to phytoceramides without having to order online.

This would certainly be a major move forward, and would ensure that it became a mainstream product that sold millions of units a year.

In regards to Elle Macpherson and her Super Elixir product? It will surely sell a few thousand units, but the shelf life and marketability is no doubt extremely limited.

Creativity and Innovation Start When You Accept the Situation

Famous entrepreneurs have one thing in common; they were passionate. Their innovation began with the intent to solve a problem that no business, endeavour or devotion could resolve.

Entrepreneurs usually think of different approaches to solve problems. They stick with their imagination instead of being limited with the figures that say it is impossible to achieve. They stick with the current situation to achieve this, often met with failures, but they never give up.

Most entrepreneurs believe failure as part of the process because of the added information and knowledge they can use for later problem-solving designs. They know nothing is wrong with themselves, but only the approach they used to solve the problem.

This is what helps them connect unusual options and use them to create a solution. It may not sound feasible on paper, but once implemented, risk considered, entrepreneurs make the show run.

They are willing to take the risk because they have accepted the situation; that moving forward and doing something is the key instead of sitting back and letting the numbers dictate what needs to be done. Once they have taken such a leap of faith, they end up bargaining more than what they paid for.

This is why some entrepreneurs consider themselves lucky. An idea can be innovative, but it may never catch on. But still, the true reward in every entrepreneurial situation is to accept the fact that things, your creativity and your innovation might fail, but your venture is worth all the time and money you invested.

Three Ways to Market to Three Different Kinds of Clients

Are the business’ sales efforts going a bit low this year despite your sales teams pumping in so many clients every month? Shifting your focus with executive clients will help. However, executives are difficult to urge to buy, especially when they believe your products and services are not enough for their business or personal needs. Your sales teams could actually handle the situation if they understand the following.

1. Providing the Right Information
An executive client is one who understands his or her business and he or she would not easily buy in to any product that does not seal growth as part of the package. They will pay attention to every detail mentioned in a sales product. Sales employees must understand that the way to pique their interest is to send them offers that offers a step-by-step guide to using proper products based on reliable external researches.

2. Maximise Timing
Most executive clients also have no time for deliberations or personal assessments; they leave that job of facilitating paperwork to your company. Meanwhile, they could also become alert to any possible effects of industry and market changes. The company’s sales team must be present during the time this happens.

3. Long Term
Executive clients want a product or service that ensures long-term growth, They consider the lack of financial growth a sure sign of a product or service’s failure. These idealist clients require being shown the product or service’s effects in another company in the same industry. It would also help to provide them an incentive to urge them to buy into another product or service that shows obvious reason for them to consider as it provides growth they seek.

How Media Networks Can Fail Your Business

The lack of planning will always become the hindrance to a business’ progress and a bad marketing strategy, a cornerstone in any business, can mean a large setback. It is possible that your strategy is efficient, but the channels where you transmit your message is not effective as they seem.
1. Inadequate Networks
A media network is similar to a farm sprinkler. If it is not positioned properly, it will not be an effective medium to transmit water. In this case, you are transmitting signals and messages from your product. Media networks not positioned properly, namely with poor association or quality of information, will never give a boost to your business’ sales and brand awareness.
2. Biased Opinions
The public relies on media network articles to show neutrality and be informative rather than tell a story. A media network that indicates the post or article was sponsored by you can drive away some consumers, while keeping the curiosities of some in the pocket. However, you will want to ensure the media network’s writing is not biased and it also points out the negative in your product. Leave it to the copy to talk about your product’s positives.
3. Misinformation
People rely on media networks to provide accurate information with valid sources. However, without a good source, misinformation drives down the network’s reliability, and so will the reliability of their attempts to connect your product with your viewers.

Ensuring That You Have Happy Employees

Happy employees are those who stay during the high and low times of the company. Every employee sees their opportunity to grow, and those who are truly happy have realised this opportunity. Breeding a good mood for work in the office requires more than just mood and personality adjustments, but other things.

    1. Break The Routine

The daily grind carries a stigma that many employees dread. Waking up early, brushing one’s teeth and doing the same thing daily is tiring. One could lose interest when they do something similarly every day. Breaking the routine is the business owner’s job. Have employees unnatural break-times, especially if you are sensing stress developing in them. Gauge their moods closely and allow them to take a break to relax them from the routine.

2. Do Not Hold Them Longer than Work Hours

Some offices can be very abusive with the hours rendered by their employees. By being a good boss and letting them go off after eight hours, they will be happier because their plans go exactly as they hoped it to be. Holding employees for longer hours makes them dread the work they do, even if they love it. It also makes them feel disrespected.

3. Listen

A good leader listens, and people felt cared for when they are listened to. When management listens, they have confidence in improvement, and it is your task to ensure this development happens, or justify why the development has not materialised.

Using Distraction as a Tool For Business Advertising

Any person who owns a television set and a personal computer connected to the internet will understand that advertising has saturated all forms of media. Advertisers have placed them cleverly in places most people can see them, but not everyone can notice them. Businesses could use distraction to tighten the advertising competition to their advantage.

1. Dealing With Short Attention Spans
It is inevitable that majority of your viewers will have short attention spans, and advertisements are partly to blame. With overwhelming information dealt with every day, people will only deal with the ones they need the most, and that is, if the information gets through the media-scanning phase. This is where distraction plays its part.

2. Unnatural
A distracting advertising is one that is quite unnatural and an unusual advertisement for viewers. They have seen cars driven off road to show off their appearance and capabilities. They have already seen cooking shows show off different hardware. Introducing an innovative and distracting concept will grab their attention instantly.

3. Memorable
Once you make a “bang” from your advertisement, it is important to make it memorable. Volkswagen’s recent public service announcement regarding car safety and smartphone use is one clever way to make people remember their brand, as it tackles safety, and the uniqueness of the advertisement approach.

Sales and Marketing Correlate Through Information

Today, businesses have a goal to integrate technology with their campaigns and activities. In many businesses, sales and marketing departments frequently have disputes because the high number of leads marketers create across different mediums fail to achieve results for sales departments. Sales departments could not increase the profit the company creates despite a great number of leads.

The two departments correlate through information and ensuring the co-dependence of the two departments to flow smoothly, they both must have appropriate information provided to them.

Marketing departments must now track and monitor consumer behaviours. Today’s internet is a serious challenge to marketing departments, and understanding a consumers journey in viewing an advertisement or purchasing an item online is crucial for sales departments to know.

Sales departments consider behavioural data as important because it helps them “cut through the noise.” Marketing could discover through surveys and monitoring the products the consumer showed great interest and the amount of time the consumer spent reading the item’s description, reviews and other information regarding the product.

Marketing departments must also drive up new offers to help sales understand more the needs of the consumer. Most offers, incentives, or price reductions, can give sales departments a clearer view of the nature of their consumers.