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HTML Or WordPress: Pros and Cons Breakdown

WordPress is a widely-used website development application nowadays. Who can blame hosting and web developers if they used WordPress?

It’s convenient because of its content management features, independently-updated themes and plug-ins that are endlessly useful for anybody who needs it.

But HTML offers complete customisation at the expense of time to study web design.

Where do you stand?

HTML Is Customisation

If you’re familiar with using tags and creating CSS or Cascading Style Sheets, you could always create your own website. W3Schools offers a free program that can help you create a simple web design from scratch. It would take some work though.

But all those plugins, themes and other features from WordPress? You could code them!

Sans the trouble of content management and auto-updating all your pages with new content. But it’s your own from scratch!

WordPress is All About Convenience

You just want content done in your website. You could just browse for an awesome theme, customise your logo a bit and be done with it. That’s all there is to it to build a website. You could always pay a professional web developer to create a theme for you. The best thing is that these people you bought from will give free updates to their products.

You need a specific function? You could always buy or get free a plug-in feature for your website to create those widgets.

But you lack some proper customisation, but it’s fast and effective.